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NPM Staffing is a privately held workforce management and temporary staffing services company exclusively serving the Property Management industry.  Specializing in providing the highest quality staffing, NPM Staffing supports apartment communities with temp, temp to hire and direct hire personnel with offices in California and Arizona.

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  • How Can You Show Your Personality During the Job Search? February 14, 2018
    Showing who you truly are during a job search is important. Hiring managers want to know not only that you have the skills and experience required for a role, but also that you will fit with company culture. Your personality also affects how you plan, implement and manage your job search to find the role... […]
  • NPM Staffing Makes It Easy for You to Apply, Get Hired and Get Paid – How Do We Do It? February 7, 2018
    NPM Staffing is leading the way in implementing the latest technology for the property management industry. You can apply for a job, get hired quickly and get paid promptly. Here are some details about the process. Satisfy the Demand for Workers Hiring demand trends for property management over the past five years have tremendously increased.... […]
  • Considering a Property Management Career? 5 Questions to Ask to Gain More Information January 31, 2018
    With the start of the new year, you may be looking for a new career. If you want to get started in property management, here are five questions to ask a member of NPM Staffing. What attracted you to this career path? Property managers are attracted to the industry for various reasons. They enjoy taking... […]
  • 3 Areas to Focus on During the Slow Part of Apartment Season January 24, 2018
    When working in property management, there is always something to do. Even during the slow part of the apartment season, there are areas you can focus on to stay competitive. Improve the Property  Ensure it has curb appeal so potential residents tour the grounds. This includes fresh paint and well-maintained siding, gutters and doors. Make... […]
  • How to Lead When You Aren’t the Manager at Work January 18, 2018
    Leadership at work does not have to involve a managerial title. True leadership is when others turn to you for advice, actively listen to your ideas and take action on your suggestions. Here are some examples of ways to exhibit leadership at work. Engage Others Find the best fit between members’ interests and tasks that... […]

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